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Quarantine Cat Film Festival
Quarantine Cat Film Festival

 Quarantine Cat Film Fest Makes Its Virtual World Premiere!



• Quarantine Cat Film Festival invites viewers watch adorable cat videos at home while supporting their local cinema. 

• More than 1,100 cat videos were submitted for the compilation film Quarantine Cat Film Festival. 

• Ticket sales will help support more than 60 small, independently owned theaters across the country, including Liberty Hall.


Filmmakers sifted through than 1,100 submissions from all over the world to create Quarantine Cat Video Film Festival— a 70-minute compilation cat feature that will be available to watch at home through virtual cinema.


The film brings together the cutest, funniest, bravest, and most loving cat videos exclusively filmed during the 2020 quarantine. Its release will be through virtual cinema – a new tool used by cinemas nationwide to sell tickets for newly released films that customers can watch at home


“The response has been better than we could have ever hoped and we have so much great content to work with,” said Brian Mendelssohn, the film’s director. “It’s going to be a really fun feature with hilarious and adventurous cats and, of course, some adorable kittens too.” 

Half of the $12 ticket will go directly back to the theater screening it through its virtual cinema portal. 

Unlike most virtual cinema films, Quarantine Cat Film Festival was created and distributed through Row House Cinema, an 84-seat independently owned theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mendelssohn, who also owns Row House Cinema, and his wife came up with the idea at the beginning of the quarantine when they were watching their own cats, Oliver and Isabella, play at home. 

“We thought, if everyone is stuck inside with our cats anyway we might as well start filming the hilarious things they do and make a cat movie” said Mendelssohn.

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