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Running time: 1hr, 21mins


Running time: 1hr, 21mins

You may not know Rudy Love's name, but you will certainly know his voice. THIS IS LOVE is an investigation of a singer who turned down fame to make music with his family.

Rudy Love can’t help but make music, even though it’s all been taken away. From his first contract fraudulently signed when he was 17, Love has been losing his music to the business ever since. His voice has been woven into hits from every decade since the sixties, yet he lives unknown in Wichita, Kansas. But that doesn’t concern him: all Rudy Love wants to do is sing. His name circles among musicians like a ghost, an unseen guru who’s been influencing listeners whether they know it or not. People like Jay Z, Sly Stone and George Clinton herald him as an unsung hero of soul. Why haven’t you heard of him? Because the music business is vicious, and Rudy only cares about Love.

This special one night only screening event is presented by the KANSAS MUSIC HALL OF FAME.

Director: John Alexander

Stars: Rudy Love, George Clinton, Michael Colyar

Genre: Documentary, Biography, Music

Rated: Unrated

Running Time: 1h, 21min

Doors open 1 hour prior to showtime.

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